Enables Cross Border Merchants With Better Logistic Solutions

We help cross border eCommerce merchants to reach their end customers or fulfilment centers efficiently and cost effectively. Our custom logistic solution is embedded into our logistic platform which allows the merchants to deeply integrate their software into via industry standard Application Programming Interface. We support cross border merchants with our superior technical capability and carrier discounts.





Our Advantages

Business Friendly

Designed for business users and provides superior funtionalities and world-class support

Premium Services

Access to many internationally recognized carriers and vendors and backed by their well-known logistic capabilities

Technical Capability

Integrate multiple national as well as regional carriers and their shipping capabilities to your platform, marketplace, website, or mobile application

Easy Access

Allow access by users with a computer and internet connection any where around the world

Security & Compliance

Industry-leading encryption and full PCI compliance are used in order to meet the strict busienss requirements and mitigate business risks


Cloud based platform that provides up to 99.9% up time and reliabity whenvever you need it


Our Partners